Zeus' Severed Head

by Green Altar

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Free Track to our upcoming EP "Idle Worship and Ill Will Towards Man"


I've been alive 10,000 years
God of thunder always feared
Nothern men speak of earthen gods
Odin, Thor and ragnarok

Bring this odin to his knees
Show him the elder god is me
I'll paint olympus with his blood
Show him there's no all father

Now you're just a tool of war
Nothing with all father Thor
Bring me the heads of all the gods
Bring them home for ragnarok

How dare you speak my name
No gods are safe
No gods are safe
No gods are safe

I've been alive 10,000 years
All father always feared
Bring me the heads of all the gods
Lay them at the Green Altar

Odin looks to the sky and screams
Zeus' head lays at my feet
Thor my strong and faithful son
Swing your hammer in Jerusalem



released August 24, 2016
Lyrics and Music by Green Altar
Recorded By Josh Ferrie
Guest Vocals by Andy Swann and Josh Ferrie




Green Altar Sioux Falls, South Dakota

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